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We know finding a assisted living community that meets all of your needs or the needs of someone you care for can be overwhelming, sometimes even a little bit complicated. Our goal is to assist you and your family during your search, no matter what stage of the process you are in.

Getting started can be the most challenging part of the search for assisted living communities, but you’re not alone—we’re here to help. We’ve compiled information that will guide you in making a thoughtful, well-informed decision about your next steps.

Our team of experts can answer any questions that you might have. Let us help you make the best decision for you or a family member. 

Having the Conversation About Assisted Living

How do you know when it’s time to start having the conversation about assisted living? Here are some indications that senior living would be a good fit.

Watch for Signs of Change


Forgetfulness: normal hygiene, doctor appointments, medication


Drinking alcohol or taking sleeping or pain pills more frequently


A loss of interest in visiting friends


Making rash decisions that are out of the ordinary


Buying duplicate items or displaying obsessive behavior


Unable to keep up with housekeeping

Ready To Find The Right Senior Living Option?

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Here Are Some Things To Consider:

Driving Safety

Erratic driving, more frequent fender benders, or a major accident could be indicators of medication-induced dizziness or confusion or could be signs of bigger issues such as Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. If you notice any of these things, a physical can help determine if vision loss or loss of hearing is the cause.

Medical Safety

Not taking medication when prescribed to do so, taking it at the wrong time of day, forgetting to take medication all together, or confusion over dosage are signs that help may be needed. Medications should be reviewed frequently and discussed with a doctor to double-check the prescribed dosage. Sometimes sitting down at the beginning of each week to set up a pillbox with a box for each day of the week can be helpful. If difficulties with medications still persist, Senior Living can help.

Financial Safety

Are utility bills, the gas bill, or cable/telephone bills not getting paid? With cognitive problems, it can become hard to keep track of normal financial responsibilities. Look for evidence of unpaid bills or late notices—especially if the funds are available to cover these expenses.

Home Safety

Stairs may begin to pose a problem, especially if there isn’t a banister on both sides of the stairs. Furniture can become obstacles, causing trips or falls. Bruising can indicate frequent falls and can signal the need for a safer environment such as Senior Living. Some safety precautions that can be immediately implemented include reducing furniture clutter, adding non-slip pads to wood stairs, or placing non-skid carpeting on floors. These interventions can help reduce the chance of a slip and fall.