Flu Prevention: What Can You Do?

flu season

We all know that the healthcare profession has been focused on COVID-19 concerns since March 2020. The need to learn, implement, and adapt practices to keep our patients and ourselves safe from the COVID-19 virus has taken a great deal of our attention and resources for nearly two years. It has been, and continues to […]

Growing Our Own: CNA Certification Course

New CNAs

Most (if not all) people in the healthcare profession know that staffing is an issue right now. Even prior to COVID-19, staffing was a top concern for many healthcare providers throughout the country. When you provide skilled care for a group of people, consistent and skilled staffing is essential. But needing staff is not the […]

A Mission for Mental Health

Woman on smart phone

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health issue at some point in their life? It’s way more common than you might think, and over the past year we’ve seen more and more conversation around mental health arise. However, not everyone is able or comfortable taking part in these conversations. Maybe […]

Capella University: An Interview with Amy


We talk a lot about the various benefits we’re proud to offer employees at Mission Health, and one of our favorite benefits is discounted tuition at Capella University. Helping employees pursue their desired careers goals is extremely important to us. As 2021 inches toward 2022 (inches, or maybe sprints), we know there may be people […]

Things are Growing Great

top 30 nursing homes

With 51 communities in 8 states, Mission Health is proud to announce that we were recently listed as number 22 of the Top 30 Largest Nursing Facility Companies. As President and CEO, Stuart Lindeman, always says: Mission is looking to grow, and we’re looking to grow smart. What does that mean? It means that we […]

Elevating Experiences

feedback, please

When we say we care about the input of our residents and those who care about them, what do we mean? Do we simply nod along when a resident makes a request? Do we rely solely on family members to reach out to us when they have a concern they’d like to discuss? No. Of […]

Vaccine News

Mission Critical Vaccines

As the world we know begins to shift into a new “normal” after COVID-19, it is important that we also learn how to remain healthy and safe within our own professions. Being a healthcare hero not only means taking care of our residents with the utmost care and compassion, but it also means taking care […]

A Huge Thank You!

NRC award

Let’s talk about thanks, and not just “thanks at the finish line” but thanking as we go. Particularly in professions that ask so much of our employees in the form of caring, dedication, and skill, ensuring that we share well-deserved praise on a regular basis is a key part of reaching milestones! At Mission Health, we are always striving […]